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The Yamashitas-

Stairs and entryway. Take off your shoes foo!

My room was in the tatami (rice mats) room. Unfortunately they covered it with carpet. The setup is a shrine for some Japanese god.

Mmm... sleep/reading/music area. I love the square pattern on the sliding door that is so common in traditional Japanese architecture. The book on the table is Shogun, which portrays many aspects of Japanese culture quite well. I highly recommend it.

There was a really cool alleyway behind the house.

Looking the other way behind the house. The racks you see are for clothes drying, because everyone in Japan hangs up their clothes to dry.

I wish I had taken more pictures of the house. The exterior, downstairs, ect. I never took a picture of my host dad or mom either for whatever reason. Although there is a picture of Mrs. Yamashita in the Misc. Pictures section.

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