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Second Host Family-

My second host family was great. I was only with them for a week, but it was lots of fun. The kids and mom played video games with me and the dad was one groovy guy. However, me being the photographer gimp that I am, I did not take enough pictures of the beautiful, traditional-style house, and I didn't even take a picture of the host dad... again. Mah.

Here they are. We are bowling at a joint called Round 1 Bowling and Amusement Space. Moonlight strike game... whatever that means. I showed off my mad DDR skillz when were were in the video game section.

This is hands down the coolest room I've ever slept in.

Damn I look good. (School uniform)

This house was full of cool collector's items, movies, toys and the like. I wanted to test the auto-take function on my camera, so I grabbed this familiar item off the shelf. Feel free to photoshop whatever you want to in the place of the movie.

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