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Most mornings I got up, put on a uniform and went to school. From my first host family it was a 20 min walk in decent fall weather. Later, it became 20 min bike ride through freezing weather. On the walk from the first house, I would walk by a few other schools, including an elementary school with hundreds of tiny Japanese children walking around me. I wish I photographed the first walk, but I was lazy. I did a little better with the bike ride however, found in the Nishinomiya section.

This is a small lake in front of the school. I biked by it every morning, after I went to my second host family.

There she is. The full name of the school is Nishinomiya Municipal Senior High School. This is the website of the school (in English) if you're interested. The large fence you see is there to keep the balls of the playfield from flying out (and to lock in your souls).

Close up of the school symbol.

Nice entry.

There is a lovely path that goes up in those trees that, when I was in my first host family, I would walk up and down everyday to get to school.

That's the gym / con. building / cafeteria. Whenever there was a con for the whole school, they would line us up by class in the gym (freezing during winter with no shoes on) and have us sit down, stand up, while listening to the monotonous droning of high school officials.

This is obaasan's garden. Obaasan is the old lady who works in the cafeteria and sells "pan" (assorted bakery products.)

The school is divided as such: There are 3 years of high school, one on each floor of the building. For each year, the students are divided into 8 classes. Class 1 being the most prestigious, class 8 being the least. It is very competitive, and the fact that I was in 2-1 (year 2, class 1) was resented by many people. Anyway, this is that classroom, where most of the classes in the day are held (the teachers move around more than the students.) However, I spent most of my time in the library because I didn't understand jack.

This is a handball court. Handball is a mix of soccer and basketball. This was what we played most of the time in my P.E. class. Eventually, the subject changed from the fun and exciting handball to running the entire period... that's when I stopped going to P.E.

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