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Osaka Castle-

My last trip I made alone. This time to Osaka Castle. Osaka Castle is extremely important historically, because until the Edo period, Osaka was the central hub of commerce for Japan. Due to countless burn-downs and earthquakes, the castle has been re-built many times. It's not as cool in that "old stuff" way like Himeiji is, but it's still very interesting. Especially if you've read Shogun.

This is a Judo building outside of the castle. That's all I know about it.

On the path to the entrance.

Side view of the gate.

The moat.

First gate.

Main gate.

Pretty garden with Japanese lantern and Koi. Reminds me of somewhere here in Spokane... the Japanese garden maybe?

There she is, stripped of all her importance and glory, but still standing as a monument to the past.

There's a very modern museum on the inside, hence the handicap elevator. It is beautiful though.

Nice roof ornament.

The view from the top of the castle - facing Osaka-Jo Hall and business park. Near the start of my stay, I found out the Red Hot Chili Peppers were playing at Osaka-Jo Hall. I almost got tickets too, but my host family said no at the last minute. Too many dangerous bums hang out there apparently. Sheesh, I'm the dangerous one. They should be watching out for me.

Hazy Osaka.

Money shot.

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