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First Trip to Osaka-

These pictures are from my first trip to Osaka with my first host dad. We stopped by the Shitenno-ji, ate at Dotonburi, and went to Den-Den Town (which is a huge electronics district I neglected to take pictures of.)

The first experience in Osaka for me was the train station. So many people everywhere.

And this just feels like spinning plates...

This is the Dotonburi area of Osaka. This bridge and its advertisements are famous in the same way Times Square is famous in New York, or Piccadilly Circus in London.

We ate in this restruant- the character on the drum there is very famous.

We dipped into some side alley and there was a shrine.

This is the Shitenno-ji, a very old temple in Osaka. There are often festivals here, and the walkways become lined with merchants, but not the day we went.

Me and the temple.

You can climb up this tower. On the inside, there are many gold prayer tags with the names of important people on them, and a shrine on the top level.

Osaka is overwhelming at first, but once you figure out the main shopping areas and the how the subway works, it's not bad.

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