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Nishinomiya pt. 1-

There are two sections here. The first section includes a few that I took on a pissy day, so they are a little bitter. They turned out surprisingly well though. There is also a set that shows part of my road to school (from my third host family), and the rest I just took while I was out crusin' or whatever.

Just makes you want to sing, don't it? This is the kind of stuff I saw when I first stepped off the train, looking for the tour group to go on the nature trip.

This is a monument in the middle of a train station/department store complex. I have no idea what is monumental about it.

Alone person in view of monument.

I was way early, and eventually I got bored waiting at the station so I started walking around and took these. Some kind of shrine dedicated to something no doubt.

Columns of apartments.

You live in building 6.

The mighty engineered river.

Decidedly an amphitheater. Surrounded by slightly run down, stacked housing.

My god, what has modern technology done? This is a television screen in the train station with fish on it. That's it. Fish.

This is one of my favorite pictures. At first I thought putting flowers in bottles was shitty, but it's probably some genius engineering feat, and flowers are cool so...

Run! It's the po! Nishinomiya's finest.

Ok, now we are on to my road to school. In the background on the right, there is an Asahi beer factory. It's interesting, there was a turnpike and beer factory right next to my third house but I never heard them - all this industry around, and none of it was ever loud or smelly.

Further down the road.

All-american-post-modern office building.

Still on the road to school. Boy that fool on the sign is ugly.

An obelisk, taken from the conquered Egyptians hundreds of years ago. Maybe not.

Can you imagine someone living on top of a convinence store in the western united states?

Now we are done with the road to school. This is the home of the infamous Hanshin Tigers. Infamous because they are so well loved, but they consistently suck. Like the Chicago Cubs.

The streets of Nishinomiya.

An old and run-down amusement park.

Typical apartment style.

Split-level shopping. The bookstore is where I got some of the Evangelion manga. The fine dining on top is where I chowed down on delicious western food.

Ok, imagine yourself in a foreign country. It's about 9:30 at night and your host family is out and about. You hear a faint calling. At first you dismiss it, but no! There it is again. Louder and louder until it sounds like it's right outside your door. "OOOOO YAA-KII-BO... OOO YAAAAAA KII BO." What the fuck is going on? It's a goddamn sweet potato salesman! This is the sweet potato man's truck.

A mini-shopping arcade.

The Hankyu railway station in Nishinomiya. There was all sorts of great stuff in here. Like music, books, and cream puffs.

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