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New Years-

New Years is the biggest holiday in Japan. It's tradition on New Year's evening to slurp down soba noodles and watch the New Year's special on TV. The next day, extended families get together and go to the local temple to pray and get their fortunes told. All the adults give the children envelopes with money. A tradition no doubt conjured up by Japan's business masterminds to keep the economy rolling... I mean a tradition blossoming from the heart. It's very lucrative, New Years.

Soba baby. Oh yeah.

Mo' soba.

There were quite a few people here. This is Nishinomiya-ji.

The extended fam.

Progenitors and progeny.

The central temple.

The fam. Maybe you aren't supposed to smile for New Year's photos... whoops.

Just me.

Me and the kids.

Just me again.

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