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Miscellaneous Others-

This is just abunch of random stuff I gathered on the trip. I have a whole box full of shit like this.

This was my ticket from a symphony concert I attended in Kobe.

Driven by boredom. 'nuff said.

Expose 2002 info.

Osaka subway map. Got it all figured out yet?

This was my Japanese history homework. Do you understand any of it? Neither do I... At least it's got cool pictures.

Japanese movie poster.

Another movie thingy. I saw this one with my third host dad.

I took a calligraphy class once a week. These are my mad kanji skillz. This one says "yama" meaning "mountain."

This one says something about a heavenly something or other.

This one reads, "Bill's gonna kick your ass, you stole his 'chup." Or something like that.

These are some of my mass-transit cards I used over there. It was very convinient, you just bought a ticket like this with a certain amount of money on it and put it through the ticket machines at the various stations until it was used up. The top left card is a drawing of Ebisu-san.

McDonnalds is EVERYWHERE!

The Nishinomiya trains. Well at least one of the 3 companies' lines.

The Japanese hand out free tissues with advertisements on them. I have no idea what this was advertising.

A small poster of the silk road exhibit at the Osaka History Museum.

My god, where is technology taking us? I found this advertisement in a cool music shop in Osaka.

The ticket that got me there. Don't mind the red smudge, that's mercy's kiss.

Video games kick ass.

Well, well, well. If it isn't your humble narrator. The text reads something like this, "Wanted: DOA. This is a photograph of what has been commonly refered to as, 'the white man.' He has come to destroy your culture and ideals and replace them with his own. Beware, for he is armed and extremely dangerous. Avoid contact at all costs."

Well folks, that's the tour. Certainly, this doesn't paint anywhere near a complete picture of how things were over there, but hopefully this did give you a little taste. It's a beautiful country with wonderful people and a great culture. I hope you enjoyed the show.

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