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First Trip to Kyoto-

These are pictures from my first trip to Kyoto, which I made with my host brother and siter, Yuki and Yuko. We went to a few temples, walked down old streets, and ate at a famous tofu joint. As on all trips, (except the nature one) we went by train. Because trains kick your ass. Once it got darker, we huddled back into the city and snagged some fresh, great tasting dango (rice dumplings) before heading home.

An old theatre. I believe it's Kabuki, which is traditional puppetry and traditional music.

The first temple we visited.

Yuji on the left and Yuko on the right.

A temple gate. The smaller roof structure in the foreground has something to do with fourtune telling, good luck and what have you.

Yuji and myself in front of a temple.

'twas raining that day.

Here is some info about the temple.


This is the view from the most famous temple we visited that day, the Kiyomizu temple. This is also where we chowed down on delicious tofu.

Another view from the main deck of Kiyomizu.

A famous view.

Yuko and myself in the rain overlooking Kiyomizu.

There is some spiritual significance to this water. Has to do with luck, health and good fortune methinks.

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