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I didn't spend a whole lot of time in Kobe. The first time I went was to a symphony concert with my friend Karin and her friend Lisa. This was on a densely developed, man-made island accessible only by monorail. It was really cool but I forgot my camera. The second time was for a little Christmas shopping, and the third was for a spectacular luminaria display in rememberence of an earthquake that stuck the area a few years back. There are also two pictures of Mt. Rokko in this section, which is a mountain that overlooks Kobe.

Kobe shopping arcade. Where the hell is Waldo (or should I say, Warudo)?

Karin and her friend in the arcade.

From Mt. Rokko - overlooking the gigantic megalapolis that is Japan.

Overlooking the highly developed Mt. Rokko.

This is Chinatown. In Japan. No kidding.

Like I said, this luminaria is for a huge earthquake that happened here and killed, injured, and displaced many people. The girls are someone I met at a sister city society meeting and her little sister.










After getting through the display, we went up a tall building to see it from above. This is the city at night.

The view from up high.

Buddy the one man band. Rock on Buddy. Rock on.

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