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Here are some crazy fotashops to massage your eyeballs-

Cale's first fotashop (it started out as a pic of me)

My first "filter only." Entitled "Overly Creative"

A redo of my first one. Entitled "Dynamic"

This was an american flag. No title

Another "filter only." This one is called "Torn From Squares"

"Digital Tree"

"Sitting on the Edge of Reality"

"Ronald McDonald is back from the fifth demension, and he's here to take your soul."

"Where We're Calling From"

"You Found a Place in the Hazy Forest"

"Walking Cliche"

"How do we get in?"

"Give me your tired, your poor..."

"Damn Nazis"

"Cultural Amnesia"

"The Drugs Don't Work"

"Damn Internet"