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Himeiji Castle-

These are pictures from my trip to Himeiji Castle. It's a ways outside of Nishinomia, but it's very cool and well worth the trip.

The crew.

The other woman in this picture is my host dad's sister.

Me and the castle grounds.

A picture of a picture being taken. How ironic.

Me again.

Cale and Akihiro are SAMURAI.

You always knew I was a Japanese woman...

What are you looking at SWAN?

Just sittin'.

A brief history of the castle.

Cale surveys the scene.

Himeiji up on a hill.

The main gate.

Nice landscaping.

Castle through the trees.

This was where the tour started. The princess' quarters. No shoes.

A buch of great old stuff on display in the castle.

True samurai armor.

This scared the crap out me when I first looked in at it. Study hard!

The view of the town from the castle.

Nice roof ornament.

Town plans for Himeiji.

Akihiro and Toshiki committing the ancient Japanese ritual suicide, seppuku.

Beautiful Himeiji Castle.

The town of Himeiji.

At the train station on the way home.

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