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Next section of poetry. Written as a fourth year student at Lewis and Clark High School. I'm off the rails, but at the same time indefinitely a cog in the captalist machine. It's OK though, I still have my imagination.

A Reflection is Something You Can't Escape
Black Dice Spinning Over a Faint Red Glow
Several Nights of Broken Thoughts
Fucking Math
Science and Art
Sometimes Sadness is Indulgence
Minds Like Playgrounds
Dreams of the Ocean
Come Home from California
Comíon down from up there!
Bullets from a Gun, or Warm Rays from the Sun?
Septemberís Closure
Press Any Key to Continue
Weekly Broadcast of Love
The Unplaceable
Order and Chaos

A Reflection is Something You Canít Escape-

I am balanced on the edge 
Between purgatory and limbo
Sad, but still I believe

I know itís hard to accept 
The fools who think they control you
But look at the reflection 
Of the ones you love
And the ones who love you

Iíve been screaming deep down
Screaming for what its about
Now the screaming has turned to song
And Iíve found my way out

Your eyes, like sunflowers 
In the pale blue sky
Remind me that there is something
Not only nothing before you die

Iíve been staring at these marble walls too long
And not seeing what's there
Now the light I feel inside
Is more than I can bear

To me you are perfection
I miss you and our reflection
Black Dice Spinning Over a Faint Red Glow- Vines are growing Over whatís not there The fireís burning But I donít seem to care Spinning numbers bearing down Ever falling through black dice Iíve got to figure them out And to the top Iíll fly Cut through these vines And see whatís behind How can I see myself And not see that Iím blind Stop going to the brain Trying to fill the hole Iíll take this to heart And let it dance with my soul Top
Several Nights of Broken Thoughts- When you get on stage What will you say? Please it explain it in a way That will make sense for a while Can you take the colors, No matter how bright they become? Cigarette ashes on the beach As if you donít see the ocean Everything you say sounds like a good idea I fell in love with the natural tone of your heart Taking it easy, Iím kicking this cold Iím tired of forgetting my dreams Uncertainty has raised me to the next floor Now that Iím here I donít where to go I know I donít want to get back on that elevator Unless itís with you Iíve been high and low and all around confused Now Iím bored, so where to? God bless all the recorders Who take down the silly things people do Top
Detached- I beat myself down With thoughts driven by nothing But I do this to myself I donít want my mind to freeze over Trapped in a never-ending hole You keep me free and breezy But being alone takes its toll Write out the thoughts that haunt me To make sure that Iím still here Things are not as bad as they seem Tell that to my tears Vivid dreams of times to come Make me long for restless sleep All day long my mind lives in song Iím not afraid to weep Top
Fucking Math- Gonna wrap my legs around this problem And fuck it Ďtill Iím bored Peak out on perfection Everything in accord I can feel the institutionís fingers Pulling puppet strings from my brain Order. Order. Order. Like needles and novocain Born to do the job Efficiency is life Faster, higher, louder This is the only strife Top
Architecture- Old brick walls and black iron gates Deep green vines on the fences, and music after eight Grass under trees, early autumn leafs Warming herbs and spices in the air, smoking chimneys Laughter from the windows Warm colors with the streets People living life People on their feet And Iím walking with you down the sidewalk With our hands together, warm like sighs In this moment life is perfect The truth hidden in our eyes Top
Something- We are all products of the times We make it so Flowers under the sun Everybody knows Letís make it interesting for those of us tuned in Take it all apart And put it together again Get lost in the details Find yourself in art Iím tired of reminding myself Iím right Finding new ways to say people do stuff I love you And thatís what I know Top
Science and Art- Scientists and artists We arenít so different Explaining the world around us What is What was And ultimately- What will be But for the man in biology Unwinding DNA What drives the want to be with her Even though sheís miles away And the chemist in his lab Even pheromones canít be sure Why when we are together Our minds become open doors And can you use your physics To please tell me why Or how the Natural Way of Things Could possibly pass us by? But we both know At the end of the day In ourselves sleeps the truth We make our own way Top
Sometimes Sadness is Indulgence- I think back and have no regrets Iím warmly grateful for the time weíve had Life is fun, and life moves on But from time to time, my heart feels so bad You gave me everything You owe me nothing And now youíre far away Iím sorry I canít be there But you have a home in my heart to stay When you come back, can we love again? Donít answer that right now Donít even think or worry about it Itís just fun to write down I often get lost in these thoughts And then find myself like a tree in the ground Life is so full of music And Iíve barely begun my sound Iím glad And these feelings, they arenít bad Top
Sunset- Drink the darkness like a gin Lately these nights have been like storms Waking up, my chest feels as a healed bone during rain Wash away these worries, as dirt down the drain Take the sunrise like a pill Run in the sunshine, running the mill Spreading the light Fighting the blight Enjoying the company of others Good things take good time The sun unravels into brilliance Will you keep the warmth within? Or will you succumb to the night And drink the darkness like a gin Top
Minds Like Playgrounds- Dreams like rockets that never got off the ground Now sleeping like burnt trees, pointed towards the sun And while, if only for a little while, true happiness was found New growth will come slowly; itís well worth the run While still I wander Through forests, over hills Sometimes I get so tired And want only for more to fill I want a mountain valley I can call my own Iíll build a house, strong as stone And when the dayís work is done, Iíll look at the sky Through both telescopes and naked eyes, and always wonder why But before I live out in my nowhere My mind dry like fine wine I want to give my love to you I donít mind paying due time These cities are game boards Streets and power lines And from my room in the rookís tower The only crimes are lies Sometimes Iím such a fucking idealist My mind is where I play But Iím not tired when I write Here I can have my way I am not so far in the clouds That I canít look you in the eye But from imagination comes happiness Keep mystery in life Top
Dreams of the Ocean- In a dream, I kept trying to walk out to the ocean The waves keep pushing me back Sometimes I just want it to take me I found myself fascinated by the immenseness, down below the rocks Then the tide came in and I floated to the top It took me to you Iím so tired of swimming Heaven sent you to me But forgot to leave the instructions on how to keep you Feelings come and feelings go Iím sorry I couldnít give you whatever it is you need Iím so tired of, yet so horribly used to losing good things My bodyís floating lifeless in a cold and misty ravine Yes I know some days you are happy And some days you are not But for now I simply do not care The number is busy Iíll keep trying, even if youíre not Top
Come Home from California- Hey there all you Californians, I know itís so nice to rest under the sun But donít you let all that sunshine go to your head Hollywood keeps us warm like a bed Oh come back home to Washington Where the winter is cold, but the trees stay green And we donít elect our governors from the cover of a magazine Summer is no longer a party if it happens every night Pretending over and over again, that everythingís all right How can you say for the environment you stand When youíre draining lakes for your stakes of land? I know it stays oh so warm down there But baby how can you appreciate that if at falling snow you never stare? Come back home to Washington Because you know the change is good Come back home to Washington Because Iím still in love with you So live your lives separate from society But please donít steal our honey Top
Comíon down from up there! - Getting high, isnít it fun Pretending for a little while that you are dumb And you can think about the problems of the world Without feeling worried or depressed So go ahead and suppress your emotions For in a way you are becoming wise Apathy with a touch of happiness With your silly dreams cutting all ties Oh those drugs they keep us going Weíll beat the man and his time In a way theyíre like infatuation Just not quite as sublime Top
Bullets from a Gun, or Warm Rays from the Sun? - I will egg you on Confuse things, make life longer drawn Then pass out face down on the lawn Iíll get up and write a stronger song You canít wrestle a dove, but you can admire one Of all godís creatures under the sun With you I have the greatest fun Now the path back to you is hazy and long But I will sing and dance my way along And if I get lost I wonít be undone Defeat for a good cause canít be wrong When you fly home like a graceful swan Iíll do my best to be the water you float upon And if these words are bullets from a gun Donít worry, with tomorrow comes a brand new dawn Top
Septemberís Closure- Septemberís come and gone again Like a needle in and out of my skin No question our summerís gone now In its wake I hope I found a friend I hope our roads cross in due time But the futureís a dangerous place to live Isnít it great how things never work out exactly as we plan them? I hope only warm thoughts from each other we give If I paint a picture And use too much blue or red Please donít take those words too seriously Donít worry your pretty head This autumn, there may be falling leaves But letís look at the changing colors instead And in winter we can be each otherís cabins In spring, well thatís awfully far ahead What shall autumn leave us, A friendship or a goodbye? I canít hold you when youíre far away But I can be a flower you look at and sigh Top
Press Any Key to Continue- When youíre tired, all you think about is sleep It just comes down to one question- Are you content with where you are, Right Now? Y/N Hit Y to continue Hit N to enter a void Of total apathy, of looping thoughts Where dreams become flowers And people become static A silent buzz This book never ends Iím no longer looking for an ultimate truth I am not worried about getting lost Top
Weekly Broadcast of Love- With you I donít need to know With you I donít need to see With you I donít need proof With you Iím happy wherever I may be You are everything I never knew I wanted A variable that makes everything all right More than a picture, a song, or a poem More than shining armor for some knight I will not be a drain I will not place any blame I will not kill my brain I will not live in pain I love you completely, for the wonder you are Even when I canít touch your skin I miss you, but we canít let that jade us With every day, thereís a new story to begin Top
The Unplaceable- Polish a world Down to a pearl And shine it under the light Depressed and obsessed Depressed and obsessed I donít sleep anymore I just lay awake and wonder Sometimes it seems in this day and age No one has time for love We have enough to keep us entertained There is no place for love All these dancing images Try to tell me Iím wrong That I will fall for someone else And that my road is long I know that I am young I know that I am dumb Iíve found myself bending towards the sun I donít mean more than something to anyone If I disappeared, would you look for me? Like bitter cold wind, Iím free I cannot run and jump Though the hoops that lay ahead If I know when I come to the other end I am as good as dead So Iíll stick around and be your friend Iíll hold your hand around the bend Iím tired of letting lost souls in My love like a motel But thatís just me, from which Iíll never be free When Iím alone this place is hell I donít ask for much I donít hold onto much But what I want Iíll fight for Canít you see, you are whom I adore? When Iím not looking at you These eyes turn a desperate shade of blue I can say anything to anyone Words have little meaning But with you talking is unnecessary Somewhere deep inside of us love isnít weaning Where youíre away, part of me dies But when we are together, there are no lies So Iíll have faith that when weíre no longer apart The fires of our souls will warm each otherís hearts This hope is all I have this time of night The hope that love is real Right now Iím tired of all lifeís lies You are what I feel Top
Order and Chaos- The way of the universe Faster Further Chaos Nature The ultimate answer to chaos Harmony Balance Order Humanity The master of these elements Those who align with the way of the universe And those who align with nature Misunderstanding? Understanding? Conservatives? Liberals? Men? Women? Fighters? Lovers? Will we destroy nature, Or spread it? Will we fade to nothing, Or hold on to something? Are we a disease, Or are our minds partitions of god? I believe in humanity Top
Sailing- Sail from island to island My body floats onto the shore Cold, dirty, and lost A clichť, a wet blanket, a bore A sharp mind makes deep cuts A wise one knows that will heal Not with time alone But with beauty, and all things real Take solace in the fact That we never run out of ways to live Ask yourself will she be there tomorrow? No answer? Then love her will all you have to give Sure it could hurt later Roads can seem endlessly long The best part about life is I might be wrong Top