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Ok, here are my musings about things in life, now availible in prose format! This section is much more light 
hearted than my poems generally.

My prediction for the future- 

Music and all art in general will see a huge surge in local scenes. There will be so many talented artists, 
musicians, etc. that there will be enough to support fantastic local scenes across the country. 

Likewise, businesses will start to move towards being more independent and local as well. I think most Americans 
are tired of having their town look like every other one across the country, and people will start taking pride in 
local character by supporting local businesses. The result will be less fat cats in New York, and more real cities 
that support and take care of themselves. 

Yes, the new mainstream thing will be local and social living. 

Then corporate america will either find a way to cash in on the revolution, or it will die, and a new socio-economic 
structure will emerge. Many big businesses will survive obviously, but many will die as well. The time of tremendous 
gains with little or no effort is going to close, and people will need to look for alternatives to jobs to the corporate 
world, and we'll see an increase in innovation in the science and medical worlds, and ultimately knowledge will become 
the supreme motivation in society. 

Maybe not in our time. But that's my prediction.

Why Sharing Music is OK-

The bottom line is MP3s spread artist's popularity. If it weren't for Kazaa and before that, Napster, I 
would not have heard 70% of the bands that I love. So what it basically becomes is an advertising 
service. Plus it gets more people into music in general when they can find stuff they actually like.   

The problem lies in the assholes of the computer world. The ones that stock up on tens of thousands of 
songs and don't think about supporting artists by buying their CDs. The occasional mix and the 
occasional cd copy to hear something new is OK, but musicians can't make a living without people 
supporting them financially. But from what I've seen, there aren't a whole lot of assholes like this, 
so please keep it that way and if you like a band, buy their CD. 

A big reason for what is going on with the record companies comming together to sue people is because 
they are scared. The day of the big record company could be comming to a close soon. Smaller record companies 
now posess a way to have their artists heard in ways other than shitty radio stations and MTV. Big record 
companies want big money, so they are trying to strangle out the smaller companies by getting rid of one of the 
best things they have going for them: file sharing services. It's just more assholes and their greed. 

To the entertainer, fame is fortune. But hey, we all gotta pay the rent. So keep expanding your musical
taste's horizons, but don't throw away this wonderful service we have by abusing it.  
Why I Hate Instant Messaging-
Instant messaging will be the end of human communication. It takes away all but the least important aspects of 
human bonding. No matter how hard you try (which very few people do) to be personal through these boxes of quick 
text on your computer monitor, you cannot achieve any meaningful level of understanding. 

Communication over instant messaging is an illusion- one can type whatever they want, but there are certain things 
we do in the presence of others that communicate what we are truly feeling, regardless of our choice of words. These 
are usually subliminal things we pick up on unknowingly- such as tone of voice and body language. Sure some people are 
great liars anyways, but everyone becomes one when they use instant messaging. 

May I also recommend talking to your lover over IM as little as possible. Meaningful communication is extremely 
important between a man and a woman, or man and a man, or woman and a woman if that’s your thing. The distorted world 
of instant messages can be devastating. Misunderstandings occur too easily. 

The only aspect of instant messaging that is useful is for business purposes. For example: What are you up to today? 
Where and what time? Any other form of communication degrades into nothingness so easily it is barely worth trying. 

In conclusion, any attempt to connect to another human being through this “great in theory, but terrible in real life” 
service is almost certainly going to be in vain. Instant messaging sucks. Just about all forms of communication through 
technology suck too. Go outside.