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I've been at home from school now for who knows how long. Time has become completely irrelevant.

Canít Break Free
Platform 7
Last Train from Osaka
Rivers of Ice
The Stone
Tears of Oil
Days Gone By
Why I Smile
Get Out of My Head, This Love is Hate (in E)
Then the Credits Began to Roll
Where Did You Go?
All My Allies

Canít Break Free-

Coming at you coming at you coming at you
Turn around look away turn around look away
Coming at you coming at you coming at you
Turn around look away turn around look away

I shouldnít be here

All these voices trying to interfere

I shouldnít be here

All these voices trying to interfere

I need I need I need

No more music 
No more stories 
No more colors
No more love

Speak to me in words anew 
Speak to me in morning dew
Speak to me with something new
Speak to me from a mountain view

I said no more
Where is the exit to this revolving door?

You keep pushing me away
Unraveling myself into time

Keep me busy keep me busy keep me busy
Get me lost get me lost get me lost

Make something to take me away
And Iíll give you what you need to stay

Keep me busy keep me busy keep me busy
Get me lost get me lost get me lost
Keep me busy keep me busy keep me busy
Get me lost get me lost get me LOST
Platform 7- Come away with me into the mines Into the mysteries of the dark Come away with me on platform seven On a journey weíll embark Thereís evil in every corner But weíll get through unharmed As it gets warmer Donít be alarmed Here we are in the city underground Itís lights like ripples on a lake All is science here Everything for progressí sake What you do in the dark Will come into the light I once found a place here I was drawn to the beat Rhythms, textures, soundscapes Took me away from the heat Now we are on an island Somewhere warm and blue The colours here are citrus pastels Is there anything we canít do? Alas the beat begins to haunt me I cannot re-board platform seven Forever lost in the order of their ways Iíve lost any small piece of heaven Top
Last Train from Osaka- Iíve got clothes on I never intended to wear Iíve got baggage for which I never thought Iíd care These buildings are placeholders Built to forget, built to destroy Though something lives on In the sounds we enjoy Canít break from the city For it is the escape Iíll be here forever Running on rough landscape I must slip away From spinning thoughts and dreams These people show me for who I am Only unraveling it seems I can hear the train coming It wonít take you away But it can show you the night And all the places we play The sound of the steel lulls me to sleep These lights pass me by They wonder what Iím doing here They wonder for what Iíd die On the last train from Osaka You cannot go home You can only find yourself Wherever you may roam Top
Rivers of Ice- If all the pieces did fall Then would you tear down your wall? She sings to me in waves of gold She listens to me when Iím on hold I watch the rivers of ice Flowing through these hills I can see her breathing beauty But the cold holds its ground still She holds me and tells me not to stare She fills my mind with soothing cool air Again the end, it tries to creep in But now thereís nothing left for it To consume under this skin Please just let it go And listen to the snow These words are toys of the mind Iíve let them start to unwind Listen to it call Iím saying nothing at all Alas sheíll never be unkind She reminds me thereís something to find Now I finally sleep I remember Be at peace Top
Fissure- I have forgotten those eyes Which do not cease to stare I have ceased all flowing for That for which I once cared I remember itís not you that haunts me Only my blindness to the morrow and the day I remember youíre not the only one Who keeps me bound to yesterday Truly I ran towards your light Revealed to be nothing but a veil A beautiful shroud over truth To protect me from the hail Without pain, comes no relief from the rain But all directions I see now for certain I cannot deny that this dead love Is both the heaviest and lightest burden Now that you are back again We have never been so far away Truly something only a human could do Making myself to fade The salt has worked on the wound Itís pain I no longer need bear From time to time I scratch it For just a little more to care Top
Death- Self simplified to a vibrating wave Soaring across the places of touch Now the true journey begins As we ride off with the light Top
Unimagined- I won I got past the low Now I donít know As I feel the blow I liked it better When I was figuring it All for myself When I let my mind wander It always finds its way to you Just try and take these things from me Iím talking to you I dare you to try and break me Everyone here is scared of everyone else Enough people to be comfortably confused Used Everythingís so pretty now So wonderful now So perfect now Living In A Picture Perfect Ö Canít be here Got to get back down to the bottom How come the one you want to be closest to Is the one who seems furthest away? She wants you more than you can know Too bad I canít believe anything I say Refused I told you I told you all I had to say Another day Another way We gotta kill somebody Mary was a virgin Just like you think youíre searchiní How come I cannot stop smiling? You canít talk to me anymore You canít talk to me anymore All these things remain yours I keep nothing My mindís a whore Not real Until it is Not real Until it is Top
The Stone- Every time I drop it It gets harder to pick back up These things -once mine- have no more value, Than a half-full styrofoam cup Suddenly Iím anyplace I search along the sound What that there lay A stone you have found You Will Not Find It Here Whatís that say you to me? How dare you challenge He Who said look inside all you see Then find reciprocity But the stone merely restated What he had already once said The image of no stone Lay still inside my head And thatís when I wondered back into the forest Top
Tears of Oil- Lanes of traffic late at night Her headlights staring me down Like bubbles in a sparking wine Running me to another kinda town Sometime soon, Youíll be over this honeymoon With yourself Weíll all be over this horror Fuelís gonna run out Youíre gonna find out What youíre all about Climb out of your car Climb out of the tar Why do we insist on being so far? These tears of oil stream down my face I see through them I see something void of place But it seems that when Iím walking, Those smiles are real I hear her whisper ďhealĒ Thatís why I donít stop talking These moments, they keep me walking Funny how our cradle Will also be our deathbed Sipping oil from a ladle And still I donít stop talking These moments, they keep me walking Top
Days Gone By- After illustrations Penetrations All these things called innovations Leave me waiting at the station For the right train to take me away After conversations Permeations All sorts of misinformations A single line running through all the nations On this high-wire act I stay Oh, these distant cries, over moons and skies! The sounds that resonate inside these restless eyes The life I give to endless ties Dripping wet with senseless lies Iíve gotten rid of all the spies Now I wait for some kind of rise Iím just asking if you want to play Is it too much to ask for the day? Top
Reconciled- Further into the mines Now watch them explode Busy child wishes she were gifted Now Iím in the times Iíve lost such a load Another busy child is uplifted Iíll talk to her in a bit Iíve found someplace warm There I run again On ground that isnít firm If you donít stretch the truth You may be lying to yourself Iím back to myself You can keep your damn shelf And yet you know you see me I am inside your head Dancing round in tiny circles ĎTill you crash back into bed Dream about me and Iíll tell you All you could want to know Iíll drown you in my blood Youíll wonder if the wind did blow Top
Why I Smile- Happiness like sadness An arrow spinning through space Can you see which way itís pointing? Follow it in a race Tell me Iím somewhere I see deep inside of you You think you see right through me Sorrow is a virtue We could never touch, Iím elsewhere Alone and someplace else Absent from your eyesight Absent from your pulse Along with you sleep takes me On a spiral vibrating wave Pointing to salvation Anywhere but the grave Still I hear this music Calling from bellow Dragging me to places I would only hope to show Yet this is how Iím living Loving every breath Kindness keeps me walking Until I walk to death Every second a lifetime Every thought a gift Canít you see these tears Are only here to lift? Now I want to dream And relive what I have seen Lift me up to heaven Oh, the places I have been Top
Get Out of My Head, This Love is Hate (in E) - Light hearts make for easy flight Iíd never ask you to fill yours with waste Iíve been there and crashed a thousand times Anything for that bittersweet taste Forget words, talk canít describe this After all, how could logic define When I look at you I feel eternally young And I see right through time Thereís one thing I can count on That this will always feel weird Only you can strip me of my confidence Without even trying I donít have to be who I am with you (I feel as if Iím flying) There is no grand metaphor for this For it is like nothing I have ever seen And though Iíve been here before Itís really no place I have been Letís not talk about emotions I donít need that when I see you In fact letís not talk or think at all Because now I know nothingís true You seem familiar It could be anybody But itís you Itís always been you For wrong or for right She just needs To be loved Tonight She needs you She needs to be noticed by you And when you do Sheíll be through Top
Eyes- Stop the smell Get me out of this flesh All these familiar places Have begun to mesh I took a shortcut That collapsed behind me I took a shortcut Now Iím lost I saw the sink But not the pipes I got the ingredients mixed But not the right types It gets harder every winter Iím so engaged, Iím everyone else here You want to be even more so? Have another beer Make a fist And be human tonight So I made a fist I donít know whether to scream or cry I feel like a skeleton in a bag of skin When I fail to see the growth within Canít pack me up and put me in a box Nor can I sleep Ďtill the spring equinox Itís so fucking easy isnít it? Despair Itís so fucking easy isnít it? Destroy Itís so fucking easy isnít it? Isolation Itís so fucking easy isnít it Forget? Anything for a touch My hand upon your flesh Back down Itís so cold I gotta get out I gotta get out Sweetness lying in the womb And I can sleep as I once did Being born When can I go back? Hold me in your arms Let me lay on your belly Where things are made Not destroyed And suddenly Iím with you Not unemployed Gentle storm The black silhouettes of the trees Over purple, blue and gold Dance in the breeze All your memories Sing unto you Play with the memories And realize we arenít through Each moment an eternity Each eternity a blessing Escape from winterís prison, and embrace the warmth I want to be more familiar with this music Focus! Iíve lost myself in the distortion A humable refrigerator buzz Dancing under my castle of sand Slowly becoming fuzz I miss you I donít even know you I have fallen with the stream in the mountain To the river cutting through the desert The night sky seems to be dancing with me But I canít ignore the frost on the dirt Thereís something staring me down Some kind of blackened shine Oh give me here Donít let me lose what is mine Iíll follow you if you follow me Until we fall out Then weíll be free Run away Letís get fucked up, Paranoid And hate another day Letís move away from each other Somethingís coming, take cover! Searching for the eternal womb Ignoring whatever love looms You only look when itís raining out But I tell you man, weíre having a sunny bout The beast of your mind Why do you fear it? Nobodyís looking deep enough To see my drowning spirit The words are being drawn from me Like water from a cactus Nothing left to provoke these thoughts Please something other than a girl and a boy Something for real, something for naught but to enjoy Different because I have to be Wait, You know what I mean? Touch Touch, and for once, we arenít dying Touch, and we are riding the lighting And all the sounds and sights and smells Take us to a place that isnít hell Touched Then fade Fade Until youíre found again Top
Then the Credits Began to Roll- Please donít let me die tonight Why do you curse me with such a fright Would you end me on the eve of my flight? Donít let me die tonight Iím not finished yet I havenít repaid the kindness with pain Keep your air moving through me Iím so scared I have to sing All I want is to let out a little light For somebody with non in sight I already miss the close ones How could you do this to them? Why do you put me through this? I miss I miss I miss I love Please, donít let me die tonight Top
Where Did You Go? - As spring blooms from the ground Last summerís ghosts seem to dissipate But still the chilled nightís wind Brings faint whispers of hate And rock used to be Such a respectable genre Every time I sign on I see nothing so clearly I can clearly see Iíve worn out my welcome You canít stand to see me anymore can you? Creative enough to break some rules Letís take anything where they used screws Iím so sick of making my own fun Bringing myself to places I really shouldnít be Itís really quite easy to be like me Just like where you are, and youíll be free Well Iím finally seeing You were the better man Iíll just get back to work You obviously donít want me here For I know at least in my mind I was always the one who interferes You canít stand me I can see it I was weird then and Iím weirder now Iím becoming still more distant Whenever you reach out Iím resistant I can clearly see Iíve worn out my welcome I wonít be here anymore You wonít see me if you donít want I was never there when I was still indoors Itís so quiet if you let it be And why not let everyone else do everything The world doesnít need me Oh logic canít you see? Itís not them you need, itís me No wait, please stay I swear I had something to say Itís cracking again As the blue rose fades to violet Top
Squares- During the winter Geometry becomes my life All other times The shapers are merely strife Nobody tells you life is worth living Without knowing what in life is worth saving And what is worth paving And nobody tells you life is worth living Without forgetting Without betraying And itís all a big debacle So God can sit back And watch the humans torture themselves When you pick a fight with us, Youíre really just picking a fight with yourself A network of crabs being caught By something intangible Something unimaginable A single wavelength On this green square plane But at least behind these hedges Shirtless, I can act inane You are your forbearerís dream Isolation tearing our fabric at its seam Would they want this had they seen? Like grapes, been on the vine too long We will fall And maybe not those who come after us Or after them But one day wine will be made again Top
All My Allies- Back to the beginning Itís now we know weíre winning Now I see into your eyes I see those restless skies I tell you there is reason to rejoice Now common and use your voice- We are all here *Clap* Top