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This is my (mostly) accousic solo album "Sakura and Scotch"


1) Hey Man
2) I'm the One You Can't Hear
3) Sakura and Scotch
4) Rivers of Ice
5) And the Night Shall Turn to Day
6) Going Away for a Very Long Time and Comming Home
7) Light and Motion
8) Fixing Clocks
9) Afterthoughts
10) The Sway of the Pines
11) At a Place Between Here and There
12) Ikoo Ikimashoo

Songs come in a compressed .zip folder with album art. Click here or on the album cover to download.

Here are the songs that didn't make the album-

Black Lotus on Water *
Cloud Nine
Colors *
From Nowhere to You
I Never Came Out and Said It
Music *
Rusty Fields *
Young Love

Songs with * are recommended before the others

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If you are interested, here is an explanation of my musical influences.

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