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The Broken goes out to everyone who comes from a broken family. I seem to write a disproportionate amount of poetry in pre-calc...

The Broken
A Little Worry That Keeps Creeping In
Fixing Clocks
Sheís a Submarine
X Minus One
The Haze
Seen It
The Absence of Evil
Words Have Failed Me
The Warmth
Sparkles and Flashes

The Broken-

Under god 
Formed one soul
Ran away
Something unwhole

Broken life, a lost home
Incomplete and dry
A colder form has now set in
Please donít feed me more lies

And there is no why
Thatís all I want to know
Why once, where was a fire
Lays now only ice and snow

How can I love another
Wholly and complete
When all I have been taught from you
Ends in defeat

Loss is what I know
Love will go away
Nothing I care for stays with me
No matter what I pay

And I will let you in
If you take me from the broke
From the endless sadness in being alone
On these thoughts I choke

Tell me they were wrong
Tell me I am too
Tell me my children can have a better life
And tell me this I can do

Youíve made our lives a slide
Ever sliding down
When a missing wall from our fortresses
Left us all with frowns

I am so let down
Every time I walk in
I see the broken in their eyes
And the falseness in their grin
A Little Worry That Keeps Creeping In- Smokiní away your hopes and dreams You know they wonít come true anyways Smokiní away your hopes and dreams You know it canít happen anyways What we need around here is A little change What we need around here is A little change What we need around here is A little change What we need around here is A little change Eveything in this town reminds you Of her if you want it to You see her in the halls, the mirrors and walls But only Ďcause you want to And you know you donít have to See yourself and her in the future See you in the future together Canít sink into love without a healing touch Canít ask for the future, canít ask for that much But everything in this town reminds you Of her but only Ďcause I want it to What we need around here is A little change What we need around here is A Little change What we need around here is A little A little A little Change What we need around here is A little change Top
Fixing Clocks- Fixing clocks can be done only with the utmost care A useless thing they are when they fade to disrepair What for a clock, but to tune into nothing As for a man to turn the sea of love into something If you take away your lullaby, you leave a ticking clock At night Iím left alone, hearing only my own tick-tock Hearts like broken clocks Fix me slowly and tenderly Fix these broken parts, and please look past my grime Or I will be at the mercy of being a useless measure of time Top
Sheís a Submarine- Sheís on a submarine, on a mission No time, nor place to be looking at the sky and wishing Transmissions become difficult when sheís delved so deep But sheís going somewhere important; Iíll let that side of me sleep The purest words I can say From so far away- I love you and I want to Be with you Thatís all I can communicate Through this depth of ocean When you come back up to refuel Iíll have more than words, a potion Wouldnít want to distort whatís between us Or shoot a sound hole in her hull So Iíll chart maps and keep myself busy And not worry if Iím becoming too dull Iíll be here when she surfaces Two wandering sailors with common purposes Top
X Minus One- Like a burning ember in my bowels Keeps me at X minus one Just have to work a little harder And keep my head away from the gun Nights Where sleep is like trying to grab air And life is far from fair Scratching out all my hair Wishing for the end right there No cure Nothing really known at all No writing on the wall Everyday another stall And no one to call Fill Myself with red pills Pretend it slows my ills Turns mountains into hills And murders into kills Stress And the sickness comes again Slowly count back from ten Find my inner Zen Then cut myself with a pen And though Sometimes I barely get through the night And nothing seems fair or right And happiness seems so out of sight You and life are worth the fight Top
The Haze- We are taught to fear one another Isolation is control Go home Fall into Your hole Get your tasks done and donít ask questions Nobody wants to hear Your whiny voice anyways You know slavery was once legal? We have all become masters of the haze We adapt and find ways to survive Donít worry, thatís just the way things are Go back to Your home (In Your car) What am I being told? How am I really getting what is being sold? So cheap Making something closer to no thing Always looking out for number one (You) are worth every thing Youíre happy with what you have Yet for some reason you want more You want it all Your explanation I implore Stop Look around Weíre building hell on Earth Plastic Nothingís real Letís burn all that fat in the girth Itís time For us to evolve Unless thereís death and rebirth A race Towards nothing Where are you running? Canít sleep Tonight I burn For Iím lost in the haze Get busy Quiet down Become lost in his maze If being happy Is apathy I could die alone tonight Whereíd you go? My precious Something Top
Seen It- Predictable Surprise me and I will love you Give me a yes instead of a no Give me lecture instead of a show Iíve done it all as they told me to Iíve torn myself from you Oh boo-hoo Nothing that falls apart will ever surprise me Death is nothing new Letís build something beautiful Against the bitter wind If it starts to crumble Letís build something up again Take me away from loss And Iíll love you with all Iíve got Falling is a bore Show me some real dancing Shake me to the core Iíve seen a thousand futures Each as good as the past Iíve been to places far away Itís hard (but not impossible) To make those good things last Top
The Absence of Evil- I recall a flowered shirt Covered your body so well Short brown hair I saw past the shell Your youthful dance Your blue-eyed smile Your feet turned in Such wonderful style Something bad inside me went away Broke from the norm And held my hand Showed me your dove Showed me your sand So full of beauty Such luscious lips And the way these hands felt Around your hips Something bad inside me went away If good times are gone And in its place only a song Iíd feel so bad Iíd feel so wrong When we are close, there are no wounds to repair I am so sorry that I have made things unclear I do more than want you I love you and a keep a place for you here Top
Hidden- Ah yes I seem to have Neglected that which you call a fact Now my opinion I retract I promise I wont act And though With myself Iíve made a pact This information I have lacked How my voice has not been backed! These people keep telling me things I have not heard But Iíve known it all by knowing not, so thatís just absurd Disappearing is not hard But rather finding myself Like a card When I lose myself life becomes long, without beat When I start to reappear, life is short but oh so sweet For now itís become quite apparent No happiness lasts forever Like beautiful broken glass in my skin Accepting whatever endeavor Iím tired now You canít see me I went outside and found a cave It was dark But I found something I wish I could save A game kids play When they have nowhere they need stay Reminded me thereís more to life Then constantly being astray Top
Technicality- Free Approaching escape velocity Iím leaving this place Iím faster than the breeze Free Iíve hit escape velocity Thereís a technicality Iím somewhere I should not be Should I turn about face, After all Iíve seized? Iíve left the atmosphere I cannot breathe Iíve got to get back To my family An anomaly Access to escape velocity All reservations Have been buried Somethingís eating at me Like a brick in the sea Get me back on the land Weíll build a colony A colony A colony And when we get tired weíll blast off Hit escape velocity Find a technicality We are anomalies Among the trees Flying above the sea Come back home to our colony We are anomalies Among the trees Flying above the sea Come back home to our colony Sea washed bricks building colonies Sea washed bricks building colonies Now letís fly At escape velocity Top
Words Have Failed Me- These words create Confusion Worry Distortion But I am solid and working I have love and need in their places Itís in my nature to paint words blue And include familiar faces Iíll continue walking With my head held high My worries are my own If Iíve somehow transmitted them to you I lied Itís not worth it to try and get closer Through these miles and miles of wires Talking just confuses things Like a wet blanket on the fire In my favorite dreams Iím with you I accept that I care for you And miss you This distance has me longing For the chance to meet It will make our precious time together All the more sweet Iíd give anything to feel those loving lips And to place these hands upon those hips When I think about this my heart rips Because all I can do is send thoughts of these Through these damn electronic blips And though I canít truly hear you from so far away When you come back Iíll listen to anything you have to say Top
Entropy- It keeps becoming more complex That will never end Nowadays we do it at such a speed Time and space will bend Watch the buildings fall Retreat behind your city walls A great storm is upon us We didnít heed the calls Weíve got rocks from the moon Spraying from our guns Weíve got weapons bigger than the world Something was more important than our daughters and sons Our ideals have become spread too thin Never have we known so little about so much Blurbs and bits flashing across my screen So much to see but nothing to touch More road signs keep appearing Iíve never been more directionless I keep shooting myself with these moon bullets Kissing the emotionless I am a modern mess These cries for help are echoes This is not the way it is On the verge of something great And to your dogmas you clutch Keeping what you want So much to see but nothing to touch So disparity is your answer The universe is spinning out of control Remember thereís choice When you dig yourself a hole I see past your stupid lies, like bullet wounds in the skies You are nothing without your drug Stop holding on to nothing Letting truth slip through your sight In the words you breathe like smoke Thereís so much beauty to behold You arenít being talked to Youíre being sold You are dead with nothing to start Because you stopped listening To the beat of your heart Youíve nothing left to hide My morals may be similar to yours Only I got them from inside Your books tell me all I need to know That right is glaringly obvious You are a show Your beliefs Are Nothing You have chosen The path of destruction Argue about anything else This is not worth my time Itís time for something to break Itís time for something to change Now that you know itís not so easy Now that you know itís not so simple Forget my future if it doesnít hold you Forget my future if I canít be true This is how it feels to step into the night This is how it feels to give up the fight This is how it feels to let my blood flow into nothing This is how it feels to lose hold of all my right This is where weíre going Further and further away Entropy taking over so slowly Why canít we hold on to each other today? This is how it feels to see my life sucked Through a hole that is not there This is how it feels to die This is how it feels to just not care This is how it feels to be completely without form Lost in a sea of overwhelming thoughts of decay and destruction It is the way of the universe and It creeps in This is how it feelsÖ feelsÖ feels? Top
The Warmth- Woke up by myself in the dark somewhere else Just another winter afternoon Woke up in a house full of secrets Woke up to someone elseís tune I took a bath in the place of the gods Bad thoughts floating away with the steam Came downstairs to see who was there She massaged me until I fell into a dream And to think earlier that day I was in a spaceship a million miles away Either way I didnít stay Lazy eyes faded Hidden in a bed of roses Those gray colors created the jaded Ah, the black and white as she poses With all these flower petals at my feet And with this food, a touch of heat With this warmth, a taste of the sweet I just want to share With those for whom I care Top
Detoxification- Iíve gone inside Iím hiding out What are you afraid of? What are you about? You are all but gone Not even leaving a sear When imagination is salvation When I have nothing to fear Iím here at my controls All these signals from my senses I can see what I want to see I can soar across any of these fences Escape with me to a world Where challenges come like flowers Where these rooms are far away Where the fireworks are meteor showers And inside, all this rain Yet still I feel no pain All these questions Like a hurricane Indeed these words of the sea Have more meaning than Iíll ever know Iím in a place you could never be Iím the winter inside of the snow What was that? I truly Loved Top
Sparkles and Flashes- Is that really me? Was I really there? Sparkles on a lake Worthy to share In everyone Or am I simply No one? Another ray on the crowd A flake of herb or spice The keeper of the lighthouse A sticky grain of rice Give me your worry Give me your sorrow Understanding I could never fit in Knowing all I do is borrow Drink the light breaking through the canopy Or the glittering mountainside This valley has me wondering Why not keep all this inside But there I go again Hiding against the grain Once again I broke something On to another game Top