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The poetry in this section has all been created this summer, either from home or in Chicago. "And the Night Shall Turn to Day" is slowly forming into a song, so that should be up sooner or later. If you are curious as to the meaning of any of these poems, or just want to shoot the breeze be sure to drop me an e-mail, IM me at Quail64, or Window's Message me at I always enjoy meeting new people.

Laying Awake (Thinking)
A Pleasant Summer Evening
Red and Blue in my Rearview Mirror
Love Gone Awry
To Fall
Just People, In General
Keep it Together
When the Lights go out in Zion
It's the Little Things Dear
Stop Looking at Nothing
Autumn Coming Soon
And the Night Shall Turn to Day


Iím a man of few words
I rest my head and turn down the lighting
Just listen to the song
And focus on the writing

I reached but didnít make it
How many times do I have to say so
Before the ringing that begun with you
Will finish its toll and go

Talent and wisdom
Foresight and intuition
None of them matter 
Damn my imagination

But you could let it all go
You donít need this burden
But you keep it close 
All thatís left is uncertain

Fly in the winds of change
Use, manipulate, tell
Affect everything around me
Paint a picture of your hell

We are the keepers
We are the mystery makers
We are the songwriters
We are the givers
Laying Awake (Thinking)- As much as I want to slip away To a world void of thoughts and pain As much as I want to regain What today has drained I cannot It haunts me as I lay in bed It keeps the clearing from my head It judges me and pulls me awake And all this for whose sake? I no longer know What keeps me from sleep Top
A Pleasant Summer Evening- Itís ten oíclock in the evening Nothing was happening over there So I came back home and the dog was barking He looked at me with that lonely stare So we went for a walk Looking for a restful night Walking through my past and future Live life in every adventure Walk by a place I should never have passed by Walk into the darkness and inside I cry I stop to reflect and listen to the howling of the pleasant dark summer night It whispers, tells me things I never should hear but want more than anything despite I look around see myself in the dark in the dark in the night in the night and I fight to be right But I keep being pushed back Iím torn the cool summer evening has me by the heart And I find my favorite song And sing it all the way home Top
Red and Blue in my Rearview Mirror- Red and blue in my rearview And all I see is you My entire nothing dissolves in one moment It all comes tumbling down Red and blue in my rearview Authority will put you underground All I know is what will be lost Red and blue in my rearview Iíve played the life now I pay the cost Take me back to the preview You killed me Now bury me Red and blue in my rearview In no time at all, Iíll be free Red and blue Red and blue The blinking comes in slow flashes The life around me passes Iím taken to the place I was before Nowhere and thatís where I found this door Leads me to a world of lore A room with you and nothing more Top
Love Gone Awry- I know you are better than me Thatís why no one else compares All I have to run on are my memories Does true love just bring despair? Say no, SAY NO! And please donít run away When we are alone And I donít mean on the phone Everything is just right Thatís the only reason I fight Against life and death Against time and space When we share one breath Or even when I see your face People change But I still love you People change But I still love you Say no, SAY NO! And please donít run away Top
To Fall- So I learned how to latch And soon after, how to let go And fall And fall Deeper And Deeper And now Iím on this downward spiral FUCK YOU! You told me To keep on trying and whatever I want could be mine, and now Youíve built me up, but it wasnít on the ground and now I am Falling apart I cannot see life at face value I cannot believe we are all alone So I take the world Into my mind And make it what I will Always deeper Always deeper Iím latching on Iím latching on Iím a fucking leech Iím a parasite Tell me that it isnít so I only want to hear it from you And tell me you love me too Top
Just People, In General- Your mind has closed down on me Itís so narrow I canít get through I cannot believe We are no longer one I do know that from this side of the moon The Earth is a setting sun Why play it with distortion, When acoustic will do just fine? When you want to go home But thereís nothing to look forward to this time Remember when I used to come over To your house, down the street Walk by the place you live Hoping for a chance to meet Now the further I am The better I understand But love is like faith To be far away is to know But to be close is to understand Top
Metropolis- The large buildings stand like tombstones Marking thoughts and dreams long forgotten The sounds of sirens piercing deeply Without the love I share with you The people moving quickly from one place to another God shall wipe away all their tears I canít take it alone And the stars- Darkened by the light Iíve made The balconies and alleys Sing a song thatís true All trains flowing- down the central drain Without the love I share with you Everything becomes different When youíre sitting next to me I love everything around me And I see the cityís beauty Top
Keep it Together- My eyes are open To the world around me But the only place I want to use them Is to hear your beauty We are two vibrating waves In the symphony of life We are a harmony Keep it together Keep it together You donít know why Keep it in synch We canít know why We are two vibrating waves In the symphony of life Keep it together You donít know why Keep it together Donít break up and cry We are two vibrating waves In the symphony of life We are a harmony Keep it together Donít break down and cry Top
When the Lights go out in Zion- You can never start over again So see the world without time When the lights go out in Zion I cannot make you mine The darkness found me But not where I could see Donít let her fool you Demons lurk in the greatest beauty When the lights go out in Zion I wander in the darkness You are everywhere You are everything Yet, you are nothing But when nothing knows And nothing gives me hope Everything knows Everything gives me hope I hope for you Top
Itís the Little Things Dear- Like rain falling on tired feet Like the sun shining warm Like a night swim in summer Like a piano playing songs for you Like the first snowfall in winter Like the thrill of skiing down a mountain Like the mystery of the fire Like a piano playing songs for you Like a garden in full bloom Like spices used very well Like anything anywhere Like a piano playing songs for you Top
Stop Looking at Nothing- Could I ever love another? To start a new life? I am who I am so- No, Iíll keep this strife I could listen to this song forever And believe me I have been It drives me crazy to see you looking And never finding me Stop wandering so pointlessly Iíve been there, you only tumble Please come home before I lose it and crumble To all you who have moved on You have never loved as I All I see is that moon In the dark night sky Thatís a lie Top
Autumn Coming Soon- Autumn coming soon Autumn coming soon All that could be Autumn coming soon And when you left me As winter came As winter came Autumn coming soon As Iíve never been anywhere but you As winter came As winter came Autumn coming soon And itís when I decided to leave Autumn coming soon There until home I came Autumn is there Autumn is pain Autumn is hope Autumn means rain Autumn is you Christ, Autumn means pain Summer innocence- lost and gone forever Now instead of with you I live in winterís game Lost until reborn in terrible spring I donít want to lose you Because I donít want to lose me Top
And the Night Shall Turn to Day- This is not the place weíre looking for So we ride We ride We ride Like the coming of the tide We ride I see you leaving And I see myself falling From Grace And once again I see the darkness set down Upon my face Stuck in a hole Stuck in disease Stuck in discomfort Stuck on my knees I look up at the sky And see melancholy Long and cold And restless it has been I see myself in you A long time since Iíve seen The storm lasted all night But now itís morning And with you at my side The sun is warming You are light And I feel my pain Slipping away Gone with the night I look up at the sky Now I see your face Itís hard for me to write This emotion is out of place We are one We are home Tonight we wonít sleep Weíll dream Top